White Paper: Leveraging IT teams to improve CX in the life insurance sector

This month we released a paper titled: “Leveraging IT teams to improve CX in the life insurance sector“.

Recently we have come across research presenting the benefits of Customer Experience within the Insurance Industry. However much of this research was generic and hence it is difficult to apply to a specific sub-sector. CX CENTRIC have taken a view on the Life Insurance industry, and shed light as to how an IT department can leverage Customer Experience to drive business growth.

  • Identify target customers in the right moment
  • Defining a customer experience strategy
  • Building a customer-centric data strategy
  • Build customer-centric artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Be involved earlier in the innovation process

We believe that IT departments play a pivotal role in accelerating Customer Centricity within the Life Insurance Sector.

CX CENTRIC is a Customer Experience consultancy based in Belgium. We specialise in transforming and supporting IT departments to become customer-centric. We provide consulting and training.

“Agility is not enough. Within the Life Insurance Sector, IT Teams must become customer-centric”

Jonathan Daniels, Director of CX CENTRIC

If you would like this white paper please send an email to: jonathan@cx-centric.com

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Leveraging IT teams to improve customer experience in the life insurance sector