Agility to CX

Agility to CX is a four month programme to rapidly introduce customer centricity into your agile team. By taking small but concious steps, you can empower your team with the mindset and practices of Customer Centricity.

Key Benefits of Agility to CX

By implementing the Agility to CX programme, your team will begin to benefit from Customer Centric practices. There are a vast number of benefits, both individually for the team, management, and your organisation as a whole.

Agility has helped us deliver faster. Now is the time to equip your team with Customer Centric knowledges and practices. Give your team the freedom to delight your customers everyday.

Our Simplified Process

We integrate straight into your agile processes (daily stand-ups, sprints, planning and retrospect meetings). Assessing the challenges, and setting specific learning and delivery objectives. We co-create with your team to agree, embed and test customer centric ways of working.

We guide and accelerate your journey towards Customer Centricity. Allowing you to discover the freedom, profit and thrill that Customer Experience Management brings.


Assessment of current ways of working. Take time to understand your problems. Training and awareness of Customer Experience. Establishing an atmosphere of trust and openness.


Challenging current norms. Co-creation of customer centric practices. Integration of Customer Journey Maps. Regular assessments and coaching sessions to guide you.

Hand back

Handover back to the team. Integrate and synergise into wider organisation.

qualitry customer experience builds trust

Want to find out more?

Pivoting your Agile team towards Customer Centricity does not have to be complicated. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

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