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Customer Journey Mapping Services

So much more than a pretty picture.

Journey Mapping starts with the visualization of the end-to-end relationship between a company and its customer, developing a clear understanding of the touchpoints that make up the relationship. However, effective journey mapping is really more about managing, monitoring, and improving the customer experience to drive business outcomes. Not enough companies realise the true benefits of leveraging the journey map. Journey Maps should be used as a FRAMEWORK that your organisation can use to grow your business by offering better experiences to your customers.

Developing a journey map is a key foundational step to any CX program. As with any foundation, if it is not well-built the rest of the structure will always be at risk of failing. Customer journey mapping is an effective starting point for engaging executives and colleagues across the company, aligning your CX with the company brand and goals, embedding CX into the organizational culture, and rolling out the new systems, procedures, and processes. These are not easy tasks and often can become such a burdensome effort that the CX program can stall or get shut down if not properly managed.


CX Centric have implemented hundreds of Business-to-Business, Business To Consumer, as well as internal journey maps and we know exactly how to get the CX programs started right, how to build them with the right people, and how to deliver best-in-class CX success by leveraging our expertise and the best practices.

Our Journey Mapping services and experts help you

  • Assess and understand the current state customer experience, environment, organizational structure, measures
  • Discover gaps in customer experience and align your future state desired experience to achieve your corporate goals
  • Develop the right plan to engage your constituents, deploy the journey mapping solution, integrate with necessary data, measures, processes, and systems to develop your future state customer experiences
  • Define the necessary reporting and metrics so you can report return on your investment to your executive management, so you can achieve a constantly improving Customer Experience deliverable for your internal and external customers
  • Journey Map analytics, customer survey data, and financial data to discover the top priorities that will deliver the largest financial outcomes (revenue, margins, churn/retention)
  • Survey Analysis to identify improvements in survey questions and ensure you are fully leveraging qualitative text comments in historical surveys


  • Build your end-to-end Journey Maps
  • Deliver different views of the Customer Experience and a strong basis to align functional stakeholders on business improvement
  • Provide a clear set of prioritised and actionable opportunities for improving your delivered Customer Experience
  • Develop a strong understanding within your company of customer experiences, as a basis for brand differentiation
  • Outline your biggest opportunities to increase retention, grow revenue, and increase margins
  • Analyse your data to find the biggest drivers of sales friction, customer churn, or other customer service issues

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