Introduction to Coding Websites

Technology has taken over! Put your child in the best position by de-mystifying technology. This is a fun and friendly way of getting into technology by teaching them in a group setting, and allowing them to ‘Learn by Doing’. Throughout this course your children will build their own website, learning how to design and code a website from scratch.

Contact us ASAP on Whatsapp here for more information! Course begins on 30th May.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a strong foundation for website development
  • Understand the key components behind every website
  • Understand the basics of key programming languages and be able to use them (HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, MYSQL)
  • On completing this course students will create their own website
  • Overcome the fear and mystery of coding

Monthly breakdown

  • Month 1: Design project, learn the basics of key languages, how a website is structured and become familiar with the tools
  • Month 2: Continue to learn the basics, start creating menus, inserting images and videos, playing around with layouts
  • Month 3: Design outline of project
  • Month 4: Complete Project and Present

Key Information

  • Timeline: 4 months. 11-12 AM every Saturday.
  • Location: Mons
  • Will require 1h hours practice during the week
  • Age range: 10 years to 16 years

For more information feel free to message directly on Whatsapp here. You can also call on +32484289323 or send a message to



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Official Start date of Training

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