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Prior to opening CX CENTRIC in 2019, Jonathan Daniels, the Founder and Director of CX CENTRIC, also owned an operated a successful consultancy in the United Kingdom. Because of this he built a strong reputation, having achieved successful and noteworthy results for the following companies:

CCXP Customer Experience Transformations
Jonathan Daniels is proud to be a certified Customer Experience Professional

Jonathan Daniels explains why he decided to invest in the CCXP Certification


Leading Customer Experience Transformations – Our Book

First of all leading a Customer Experience Transformation requires specialist skills and knowledge (as well as energy). As a result we are putting together a step by step, practical guide, in the form of a book. To be notified about when there are advances in the CX CENTRIC playbook, or when the book will be released please join our mailing list.

CX Adoption and Accountability (CX BRUSSELS)

Finally, please use this link to connect directly with our CEO Jonathan Daniels via Linkedin.