About CX Centric

This framework can be used to deliver customer centric transformations quicker and with more focus. Research has shown that many Customer Centric transformations which begun in USA in 2018 were considered unsuccessful. Hence we identified a need to provide a transparant and simple framework that can be implemented to dramatically improve your chances of success.

Over the years Agile Methodologies have helped streamline delivery in many organisations. Agile has many benefits, and we consider it a big step forward from traditional Waterfall Methodologies. It supports early delivery, quicker delivery, and puts organisations in a position where they can adapt more quickly to the fast changing environment. On top of all this, it helps provide a more positive environment at work. Whilst having so many benefits we believe that implementing Agility on its own can only take you so far. Agility needs to be directed.

We have adapted and built on the Scrum Framework in order to propose a framework which prioritizes customer centricity above all else. We believe that the Scrum Framework isn’t suitable for Customer Experience Transformations as it is very ‘IT focused’, and also relies on sprints that would be too short to meet CX Transformations. On top of this Scrum would not adequately support the need of frequent organization wide communication. In a Customer Experience transformation, setting the Customer Strategy, creatively communicating it, and then communicating progress is absolutely critical to its success. Also in a CX Transformation, suggestions come from many different places, and closing the loop on suggestions is crucial. CX CENTRIC was built to solve these problems.

The Benefits for your business

Anybody who wants their organization to become more customer centric can benefit from implementing the CXCENTRIC framework. CXCENTRIC is not IT focused, it has been built to support both technical and non-technical changes. And it is built to support cross functional collaboration. The key benefits are presented in the diagram, but there are additional benefits listed below:

·Helps organization focus on creating value for customers

·Helps organization avoid the trap of concentrating solely on ‘technology’ as a means of innovation

·Supports alignment between process and customer strategy

·Supports the need for frequent communication organization wide

·More alignment between business and IT

·Increased ability to manage changing priorities

·Faster time to market

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